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General information

The online payment tool AVIACOLLECT is a platform of AVIAREPS AG (AVIAREPS AG., represented by the board of management, Josephspitalstr. 15, 80331 Munich, Germany (hereinafter called AVIAREPS)) and is for the purpose of paying airline tickets. AVIAREPS thus exclusively acts as a mediator in the range of its operational activities as an agent for transport services ( AVIAREPS does not organize travels at its end. In case of booking, the contract for the journey shall be solely between you, the client, and the airline.

Therefore, the following conditions apply exclusively to AVIAREPS’ brokerage activities and have no influence on the conditions under which the travel will take place. The conditions of carriage of the respective airline apply. You will receive these with the confirmation of your ticket at the latest.

1. Process of your request

Each accepted booking which is processed, is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations of the involved rail, shipping, and bus or rental car companies, car insurance or other companies, firms or persons.

After your booking has been confirmed, your ticket will be sent either electronically (email) or by post to the address given. For tickets sent by post, please allow us at least three working days for delivery to any French addresses, and five to seven days for international deliveries. Ticket orders for travel within three days of purchase cannot be accepted on this site and must be confirmed by phone. Please contact us for further information and assistance. Electronic orders will be processed immediately, while orders that require postal services, will be processed within one business day of receipt.

a. Confirmation

Any booking is considered as confirmed only once you receive the booking confirmation. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of your data before proceeding to the payment section at AVIACOLLECT. If you notice any discrepancies, we kindly ask you to inform AVIAREPS immediately. In case of changes to the booking due to your own mistake (e.g. due to typing errors) you are legally obliged to indemnify the damage caused. Costs for changes or cancellations caused by faulty transmission on the part of the customer are to be paid to AVIAREPS. The amount of the fee depends on the conditions of the respective airline.

b. Question about your booking

In case you have any question concerning your ticket issuance, payment or cancellation you may always contact us. Please contact us either by mail to AVIAREPS S de RL de CV Montes Urales 723 – PH 1A, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11000, México D.F. by phone +52 (55) 5596 3550 or via email:

AVIAREPS is committed to reply to customer queries within two working days.

c. Cancellation / Changes

The cancellation or modification of your booked tourism products and services are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective provider. In regards to aviation tickets the terms and conditions of the respective airline apply. Please note that some cancellation or alteration requests of your booked tourism products and services are not possible or only under certain conditions. The change or cancellation request must be made in written form directly to the supplier.

All requests of modification or cancellation must be sent in writing to AVIAREPS from Monday until Friday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

A booking or rebooking within 2 hours prior to departure is not possible through AVIAREPS or the payment platform AVIACOLLECT. For very short notice bookings, please contact the provider directly.

For every change or cancellation of a booking, even if they are caused by the supplier itself, AVIAREPS reserves the right to charge a separate management transaction fee unless the change or cancellation has been caused by AVIAREPS and / or an agent. Please note that in the case of a “no show” the airline will not refund the paid fare.

d. Payment

AVIAREPS calculates all services on behalf of the respective supplier. In case of uncompleted payments, AVIAREPS is authorized to take legal action to claim the outstanding amount.

Flights have to be paid in full immediately at the time of the receipt of the booking confirmation.

There is no obligation for AVIAREPS or a supplier to hand over tickets, confirmations, vouchers or other journey documents as long as the service has not been paid. In any case, the client remains further liable to pay for all amounts that were agreed upon for the requested services. Partial payments are not permitted. AVIAREPS furthermore reserves the rights to conduct occasional security checks of credit card data to avoid frauds. Eventually, you may thus be asked by email to send proof of the credit card holder’s address and a copy of the credit card or a bank statement to AVIAREPS by fax or email before tickets are issued. If you don't comply with the request in due time, AVIAREPS reserves the right to cancel the booking.

We recommend to keep a copy of the transaction data (booking and paying data) for yourself.

e. Payment with Credit Card

Payments may be made with any of the offered credit card options. AVIAREPS reserves the right to charge additional administration costs to the client. AVIAREPS will inform you about these costs. Charge backs are subject to payment by the client against an administration fee.

In case of any problems with the payment, AVIAREPS will contact you within 48 hours or respectively within 24 hours by email provided that the planned departure is set within 48 hours of the reservation process. AVIAREPS may not be held reliable in case of damages resulting from failed payment caused by the client. If, in the event of payment by credit card, the bank issuing the credit card, and in the event of payment by direct debit, the bank at which the debited account is held, refuses to make the payment that settles the claim arising from the Contract of Carriage for reasons that are the responsibility of the person booking, the person booking will be required to pay a service fee of EUR 25.

f. Refunds

Refunds will be made in the same manner as the original payment, in every case to the person previously making the payment.

2. Disclaimer

AVIAREPS accepts no liability whatsoever for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided by third parties (e.g. co-operation partners, tour operators, airport operators, website users).

Liability claims against AVIAREP relating to damages of a material or non-material kind, which were caused by usage or non-usage of the information presented, are precluded, provided that there is no negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation on AVIAREPS part.

3. Links

This website may contain links or references to other websites which are not operated by AVIAREPS. Unless otherwise specified, AVIAREPS does not endorse any of these third-party websites and expressly disassociates itself herewith from all contents available on these sites. This declaration applies to all links to external sites covered by AVIAREPS AG and to all contents of these sites to which these links lead. AVIAREPS does not assume any liability for any of the third-party websites listed on AVIACOLLECT or related AVIAREPS’ websites.

4. Copyright

AVIAREPS reserves all copyright, trademark, patent, and other intellectual property rights in the information on this site and it is given no particularly or implied license. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the information or proprietary rights contained in this website is strictly prohibited.

This website is owned and operated by AVIAREPS.

5. Modification of terms and conditions

AVIAREPS is not obligated at any time to inform clients about changes in the terms and conditions (i.e. update) on the website. The terms and conditions are valid from the date of the latest update. Your continued usage of the website following our posting of a change notice or new agreement on our site will constitute binding acceptance of the change.

6. Jurisdiction

This contract is subject to German law. Jurisdiction is Munich.

This version has been released on October 6th 2016.